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M   I   N   D   F   U   L   N   E   S   S
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Buddhist Singing Bowl

Can somatic mindfulness techniques improve your life?


Of all the superpowers available to us, perhaps the most effective one we can use in these modern times is the ability to hold unshakeable peace.


Mindfulness gives us tools we can all use to reduce stress, stop the overwhelm, and work through fears that may have held us back for years.


Through simple exercises and shared conversations, I am able to introduce people to the power of their intuition and how to trust their inner wisdom.


With a combination of neuroscience-based methods, mindfulness techniques, and creative practices, I help clients calm anxiety, starting with customized, easy techniques that redirect attention away from stress and calm the mind.


From there, I introduce ways to tune in, gain confidence and experience moving through internal resistance that moves right past the gatekeepers in your unconscious. It’s through direct experience that clients experience their greatest breakthroughs.  


I have a whole toolbox of simple exercises, art projects, and discoveries to help open the door to this experience.

Somatic is a term that means body or in the body. My approach to mindfulness includes techniques that come from Hakomi, a somatic mindfulness psychotherapy modality. 

Equanimity - What is it?


There’s a term in mindfulness meditation that’s called, Equanimity. What it means is that crazy stuff could be going on all around you, but there's an inner calm, a sense of peace. There is a space inside yourself that is unshakeable regardless of what's happening on the external world.


It’s empowering to know that others don't control how we feel. There's kind of a reteaching that we are responsible for our feelings. Things are gonna happen and there's going to be challenges that come our way. But knowing that we have the capacity to respond, we have the tools to respond with that unshakable peace.


It's really moving out of the fight and flight of reactionary responses, and instead, learning how to respond from a different place that's in all of us.

Rainbow and Waterfall

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions


When we use mindfulness meditation coaching,  I may bring in different techniques such as visualizations and meditation techniques and breathing techniques. I create personalized meditations for my clients and we talk about various times to use them. 


I incorporate nervous system practices as well as resources and literature that may best support your healing process. 

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