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C  R  E  A  T  I  V  I  T  Y

Commitment: 6-8 months


The Creative Mindfulness Sessions are a well-curated, innovative approach of combining mindful expressions and journaled art projects for success.


Each art session is specially designed to give you the opportunity to push past your comfort zone and experience a direct experience of creative evolution. I provide art-focused activities that are specifically designed to leave you feeling self-empowered. 

Wet Paintbrushes


Are you an artist, stuck in a creative rut?


No problem. I use a combination of neuroscience-based exercises to help you move past the block and back into your groove. I have developed ways to get you out of the quagmire and into your flow again. 


Are you a non-artist, but curious?


Have you ever said, "I don't have an artistic bone in my body" or "I'd love to make art, but I'm not creative." or any other form of those statements? 


No problem. I have years of experience of working with 1000's of people on public art projects who said those same words, right before I handed them a paintbrush...and then watched them discover the joy of creating art without the pressure to produce a finished product. 


The end result is entering into this experience of curious anticipation. 


What could happen? What could be?


With Evoke Creativity, together we:


  • Unlock your innate creative capacities

  • Access greater self-expression

  • Establish creative practices that support and inform your life

  • Experience frequent states of awe and wonder 

  • Rekindle the beauty and power of the imagination

  • Use creative practices to heal, transform and grow

  • Experience new levels of creativity and inspiration

Every person is different. Each path to the door will take on a slightly different approach.

This is why I customize the journey to each person.

Art, neuroscience, and mindfulness


My life has been filled with art and a deep interest in neuroscience.

I love how the mind-body connection works.

I love how action rewires our experience of long-held unconscious beliefs.

It's fascinating how we experience life and how the practical science-based parts and the psychological sides all fit together.


With the art coaching, I combine my experience as an Artist and my passion for mind-body neurology to find what works for each person.


As your coach, I create art projects where it’s a safe space to rediscover your creative side for inspiration, growth and adding the extra flavor to life.


Currently, I have a waitlist for this offering. Please send an email if you'd like to get on the waitlist. 

Mindful Expressions, Soul Collage, Journaled Art Projects for Success.

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