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Offering services in 

North Coast, Oregon

Astoria to Seaside

I am Certified as a Sacred Passage: End-of-Life Doula by The Conscious Dying Institute, Boulder Colorado.

The Mission of CDI is: To Restore Death to Its Sacred Place in the Beauty, Mystery and Celebration of Life.

My Mission: To create a sacred space – a trusting, caring, healing environment that supports the recognition of who we truly are. To remember our true nature, our authentic being, this is essential and timeless. To experience that we and all living beings exist in an interconnected life of loving energy that supports all life. I want to understand your needs and support you toward achieving your goals for the best life for however long you live.

As an end-of-life doula, I provide support, services, ritual and care to individuals and their families throughout the dying process. I am trained to offer emotional and spiritual support during the last months and days of life. 

Personally, I have had many early death experiences of close loved ones that have inpsired offering end of life services. 


I have a limited number of spots available for this work, please reach out if you are interested.  

My services include: 

  • Guided Meditation

  • Bedside Poetry

  • Reiki (gentle healing energetic touch)

  • Best three months care planning

  • Legacy planning

  • End-of-life Vigil

  • Death rituals (earth based- non denominational)

  • Emotional support through deep listening and principles of Hakomi

  • Spiritual support and counseling (earth honoring non-denominational)

  • Home Funeral

  • Body anointing ritual

  • Afterbody Care

  • Breathwork

  • Legacy art and altar art

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Sacred Cannabis Ceremonies (individual and small group)

  • Ongoing bereavement support for family and friends

  • Healing Circle grief practices (small group)

  • Elemental Death Ritual Training

Best Three Months End-Of-Life Care Coaching and Planning:

  • A total of ten 1.5 hour care planning sessions @ $40-$60 an hour based on an equitable sliding scale. 

  • 15 hours at 40/hour ($600)

  • 15 hours at 60/hour ($900)

Includes: Best Three Months End-of-Life Care Coaching and Planning with Family, Client and Coordination with Medical/Hospice Providers.

Sacred Passage Vigil Attendance:

3 Day 24/7 Bedside attendance during the last days of life:

Equitable sliding scale: $1,400-2,400

  • 3 full days of bedside attendance

  • 72 hours at $19/hour ($1,400 total)

  • 72 hours at $33/hour ($2,400 total)

Includes: 24/7 bedside attendance during the last days of life in full support and fulfillment of the patient’s end-of-life vigil wishes and family care needs. 


Last Three Months of Life:

Full Package end-of-life doula services including care planning and vigil:

$2,750 - $3,000 equitable sliding scale (roughly $1,000 per a month)

Based on:

  • Ten 1.5 hour care planning sessions (15 hours total)

  • Three day 24/7 vigil attendance (72 hours)

  • Roughly 87 hours of service

Includes all of the above. 

Sacred Cannabis Ceremony:

  • $1,150


  • Two 1.5 hour preparation sessions (one alone and one with a family member, close friends, spouse/partner)

  • One 1.5 hour integration session 

  • One Sacred Ceremony (+) $500 for an assistant to assist during the sacred ceremony (4-6 hours of ceremony)

Conscious Dying Institute website:

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