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Rewire Your Brain for Courage Through Making Art.

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

"Every child is an artist. The hard part is staying an artist when they grow up."

- Pablo Picasso

I believe that everyone has access to their creative spirit.

There is a level of flow for each of us to tap into.

The important part is getting into that zone.


I’m talking about tapping into the side of your unconscious that opens your life to a deeper level of experience.

Joy, satisfaction, curiosity, mystery, intrigue, anticipation.

The hard part is getting around our ego

Our internal resistance can sometimes get in the way.

From creating interactive public art projects as a professional Artist to

teaching art to K-6th graders, I have developed ways to guide people

into the creative zone without turning on their internal critic.

Rewire your brain for courage through making art

With direct experience of making art, you gain a new level of courage that tends to show up in other parts of your life.

By experiencing success in the art projects that we work on together, you get a chance to practice feeling uncomfortable, of going into the unknown and experiencing success on the other side of it

Through making art, you get acquainted with the process of:

Taking Action >> Gain Comfort With Unknown Outcomes >> Experience Success.

Your brain rewires with each new experience.  What was once a series of obstacles in other parts of your life, you may soon find yourself looking at them as points of interest and with curiosity.

What if?

What would happen if you made that call?

What if you spoke up during the weekly meeting?

What if you asked for that raise?

What if you started a conversation with someone who caught your eye?

What if you started a creative practice?

With a safe space to explore creating art and experiencing success and satisfaction, you actively build up muscles to feel the discomfort and take action anyways.

Because, who knows what’s on the other side!

The experience of feeling discomfort and then success teaches your subconscious that it’s okay to take the risk.

It’s okay to be curious. It’s okay if the outcome isn’t perfect.

Over the years, I have had the great honor to witness people light up and reconnect with art.

When I work with clients, it’s an amazing experience to be part of this reawakening.

When it happens, people look at me with a new light in their eyes and they say stuff like,

“I never knew it could be like this.”  I say, “Yeah.” And I feel great satisfaction to be able

to create this safe space for them to step into that happy zone once again.

If you look closely in Picasso’s photos, his eyes have a sparkle to them.

I cannot say for certain, but I would guess that he knew how to open that door.

He may even have kept that door open on a permanent basis.  

Need to grow your courage?

Let's make some art.

Sara is a Mindfulness Life Coach and Creativity Coach with Life-as-Art. Want to learn the skills to gain more courage through the act of making art? Here's one of two ways you can contact her to learn more:

1. Schedule a 20-min Discovery Call

This introductory phone call will let us know if we're a good fit. We'll schedule a time and chat for 20 minutes. A lot of people feel like they get value just from the 20-min call alone.

2. Book a Coaching Session to work with me one-on-one

One-on-one sessions last for 60 minutes. We can meet in my studio in North Seattle area, online through Skype or by phone.

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