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How Making Art Leads Us to Discovery

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

"At the deepest core of every human lies a creative spirit. You, me, everyone has it, though many are barely-or not at all-aware of its presence."

Typically we associate creativity with some form of artistic talent and the envisioning of new ideas. Creativity goes far beyond talent or innovation- it's a way of approaching and living our life wholeheartedly from the inside out.

Everyone is creative! I've painted with over 3000 people over the last 10 years; I've witnessed the creative emergence of people from all walks of life access a part of themselves that they initially thought was inaccessible or a distant memory. Some of them believed they weren't creative but with the right tools and encouragement ALL of them picked up a brush to paint. To their surprise the limiting beliefs they had were unfounded, they in fact were creative beyond what the initially believed to be possible.

Imagine all the ways we have self edited in our lives just so we can remain in our comfort zone?

Creative emergence occurs in the space that is just beyond our comfort zones- that is where the magic happens. Something deep inside of us propels us to lean into the discomfort of the unknown while a silent knowing stirs just beyond the box we have self constructed. We access the dormant creation that reside within us. We become more alive and vibrant and we discover new ways of knowing. We become equipped with new tools to transmute suffering, expand our awareness of what's possible and view our life experiences as opportunities for learning, discovery and growth.

What If I were to tell you that there is no such thing as a creative muse?

There are no intermediaries or blocks that stand between you and your creative potential and you have full access to your creative capacity at will. Creativity is like a muscle and you'll need to put forth effort but creativity is for everyone. When it comes down to it all blocks are self imposed blocks from the mind, stemming from limiting beliefs about ourselves and conditioning we've received (familial/societal).

It takes courage and humility to place our creative power in our own hands but it is the most empowering path to creative liberation you can embark on. No one or no thing can give your your "creativity" and once you evoke this remembrance no one or no thing can take it away.

It takes courage because in order to uncover dormant creative potential you also need to become intimate with the ways in which you have self edited or suppressed its flow to begin with. In cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves it naturally and effortlessly allows more of your deeper self to emerge.

My approach uses a plethora of tools and skill sets to get you from where you are to where you'd like to be. This process will also increase your access to creative flow states. Creative flow is the experience of being present in the moment, shedding thoughts and letting the mind relax into the field of the unconscious mind where we have greater access to our wisdom, imagination and potentiality. There is no one way to get there and how we co-actively do the work largely depends on you and what you desire to experience and achieve. I'm going to guide you through creative process as a journey and not an end result, sometimes you may create art, sometimes you won't. This is a much bigger and holistic approach and the journey into your core creative self is the reward, art is just a bonus.

Let me be your guide on your path to a place within you that has been patiently awaiting your arrival. Trust in your courage to creatively emerge in ways beyond your imagination.

Here's to living your best life.

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