Frequently Asked Questions



Why hire a life coach?


I'm here to help people navigate through rough waters and to teach mindfulness skills on how to stay grounded through life's challenges.


I mostly work with individuals who are going through transitional times, need psychedelic integration counseling, are changing careers, navigating relationships, grieving the loss of a partner, or figuring out what's next in their life. These are all big life changes. I bring extra guidance and support, along with tools to use whenever they need them.


Other people who I work with can be artists who are feeling stuck in their creative projects.

Teenagers who are feeling stressed from school pressures, social anxiety, life in the teen zone.

College students who are figuring out their next step in life as well as in relationships.  


I share easy mindfulness exercises designed to discreetly incorporate into the day. As a result, people can gain control from the inside out and move through the hard parts of life with grace, while gaining the confidence to pursue their dreams.


Essentially, the mindfulness and neuroscience-based approach gives people the tools to calm anxious thoughts and quiet down negative story loops that can run in the background of our minds. 

When will I start to see results?

After as little as 2-4 weeks of practicing Mindfulness meditation, you may look back and recognize a difference in how you react and respond to different situations. It can influence how you show up on a daily basis, with incremental improvement every day.

What does it cost? 

In order to make these sessions accessible for everyone, sessions start at $55-$85.  

I offer sessions to teens 13-17 @ $60 per hour. 



What's the time commitment?

Initially weekly to bi-weekly hour-long sessions in person or via Zoom video calls. Some people need 3 months, some need 6 months or more. My goal is to create the conditions to empower you to arrive at a place where you don't need regular sessions. 


Mindfulness life coaching and creativity coaching sessions are specially designed as a dynamic experiential process. The experiential component is so important in this process for growth and progress to take place.


I custom tailor the exercises to each client, because we're all so very different. What will work for one person, may not work for another. With my mix of practical, science-based knowledge and my creative arts background, I am able to fine tune the best approach for each client. So, will there be homework? Yes. But it won't take up a lot of time to do. 


How do you use neuroscience in coaching?

I use neuroscience principles to guide people into direct experiences, like a direct knowing, a felt sense and experience.


People tend to experience freedom and liberation to then do that thing or paint that thing, write that thing. In the art coaching sessions, the process gives them access to themselves and they're having that direct experience.


Ways of integrating neurosciences into the mindfulness practice comes from knowing that you have to get the mind out of the busy linear thinking of to-do lists. It soothes the internal critic. For example, "what are others thinking about me and are they going to judge me when I do this?"


The exercises help get us our of our minds, or that critical manager or administrator part of ourselves and moves us into our bodies. That's when we are able to move past the fear and experience the success of getting to the other side of it.


I'm here to help people navigate through rough waters and to teach mindfulness skills on how to stay grounded through life's challenges.


Where are you located?

Sessions are held in an office in my home, in Astoria, Oregon. Or via zoom worldwide.


Why do you offer a free Complimentary 20-Minute Call?

I offer a free  20-minute call to give you a chance to get to know me and vice versa. Hiring a life coach is a personal investment into yourself and this is to see if we're a good fit. I'll ask a few questions to get a sense of what your goals are and situation. The questions I ask tend to help clarify what you're seeking. By the end of the 20 minutes, if it's a good fit, we can book your first session. If it isn't, then I can recommend other local coaches and therapists. 



Ready to take that first step? 

In person (Astoria) or Zoom Online 


Home Office located in:

Astoria, Oregon

Direct Email: sarasnedeker@gmail.com

Tel:  206. 661. 4352  

Schedule a 25 minute discovery call for free: https://life-as-art-coaching.as.me/

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