Integration,  Mindfulness 

& Creativity Coaching


Watch life open up to the power of your true purpose. 



One-on-one life coaching, creativity coaching and neuro-based mindfulness

techniques to navigate daily life and life's major challenges. 



Utilizing tools and principles from Hakomi, a somatic mindfulness based psychotherapy method and Internal Family Systems theory and methods.








Weekday appointments available


She works with people, she brings people into art. She handles, she manages, she engages the volunteers. We couldn’t do it without her.


—  Chris, Shoreline City Neighborhood Improvement 

—  Name, Title

Who is Sara?

I'm a mindfulness, life and creativity coach,

making mindfulness accessible and assisting people in experiencing equanimity with their self and others.  



We dissolve the barriers, limitations and perceptions about what it means to be creative, mindful and vulnerable.




"Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change." -Brene Brown



Sara's ability to inspire and guide me through the creative process without judgement, revealed potential within myself that I didn't even know existed.  -Gregg

In person (Astoria) or Zoom Online 


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Astoria, Oregon

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